CEO Detail

Fakhrul Arefin Khan

CEO, Team Leader, Script Writer & Director, CP

Fakhrul Arefeen Khan, the national award winner film maker in Bangladesh, started his film career in 1997 as a film activist . His foray in independent filmmaking started while he was still a student of International Affairs at Jahangirnagar University. National award winning documentary Al Badr marked Arefeen’s entry as a film maker into the industry in the year 2007. Apart from winning the prestigious National Award for Best Documentary; Al Badr was screened in Commonwealth Film Festival, SAARC Film Festival and Ankara Film Festival. Arefeen continued his journey in making research based documentary making as Al Badr was followed by The Speech (2010) (Liberation of Bangladesh,1971) and Hawker Ghar (2013) (Struggle of devotee of Lalan Saije an independent philosopher). His first feature film Aim in Life (2013) was not released though Bhuban Majhi (2016) won the National Film Grant from the Ministry of Information, Bangladesh and has been screened in numerous international film festivals and has been screened in 17 countries. In 2020 he released his 2nd film Gondi.